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Application for or a Drivers license by a MINOR under the age of 18. 

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If you are under the age of 18 and are applying for a driver's license, you will learn that there are special rules that apply to minors (someone under the age of 18) Ohio Revised Code 4507.01 states that you will be applying for a probationary license.  A parent or other responsible adult will have to sign your application under the revised Code section listed below. 


§ 4507.07.Application of minor for license or permit - signature of adult - liability

(A) The registrar of motor vehicles shall not grant the application of any minor under eighteen years of age for a probationary license, a restricted license, or a temporary instruction permit, unless the application is signed by one of the minor's parents, the minor's guardian, another person having custody of the applicant, or, if there is no parent or guardian, a responsible person who is willing to assume the obligation imposed under this section.   

(If you signed, make sure your child doesn't drive without insurance.  If they do, you may be personally responsible if there is an accident!)

If you are the minor, you should know that the person who signed for you can tell the BMV that they no longer want to be responsible and your license will be canceled.  You will have to find someone else to sign for you before you can reapply. 

Click HERE to read the full text of Ohio Revised Code sections 4507.01 and 4507.07.


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