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Divorce Dissolution Annulment

Divorce, Dissolution, Annulments, Legal separation. Child custody and visitation, Child support, Spousal support (alimony), Paternity, Adoption, Name changes, Pre-nuptial agreements, Guardianships. 

You need aggressive, knowledgeable representation to help you successfully emerge from the tangles of a marriage that has gone bad or if you are just concerned about your legal rights.  You can't get what you need from a web site.  You need to call an attorney who regularly practices in the domestic relations court for your County.  You conference will be strictly confidential.  

A marriage can be legally ended as the result of (1) the death of a spouse (2) dissolution or (4)



A Divorce is obtained by filing a law suit against your spouse.  It is you vs. him or her.  In the law suit, the plaintiff (the person who files the law suit) must claim that facts exist which satisfy the legal requirements (Legal Justification or Grounds) for a divorce.  In Ohio the list of causes can be found in the Ohio Revised Code Section 3105.01.





A dissolution is not a law suit.  It is not you vs your spouse. It is you and your spouse, together, asking the Court to end the marriage. It must be a mutual request and you must follow the steps set forth in the Ohio Revised Code.

For a dissolution, you and your spouse must agree to the terms of a separation agreement according to the provisions of Ohio Revised Code Section 3105.63



An annulment is not an end to a marriage.  The annulment order is a finding by the court that there never was a legal marriage.  It is a determination that the marriage never existed. 

The legal grounds to have your marriage annulled are found in the Ohio Revised Code  § 3105.31 and include  1.  being under the legal age for marriage at the time of the marriage  2.  one of the parties being already legally married  3.  one of the parties being mentally incompetent at the time of the marriage  4.  the consent of one of the parties was obtained by fraud. 

Your ability to have your marriage annulled is affected by cohabitation.  (Living together and sharing both financially and physically-usually including a sexual relationship)