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Ohio law guarantees basic rights of residents of nursing homes  

Nursing home residents are among the most dependent and vulnerable members of our society.  Most of them have lived active, productive lives and suddenly find themselves unable to take care of themselves.  They are physically weak and often have memory or other cognitive difficulties. 

We expect our family members to be treated with respect and to receive excellent care.  Ohio laws demand it.



The Ohio Revised Code contains a number of laws that apply to the operation of a nursing home.  The laws cover the establishment of health standards, procedures for regular inspections, and procedures that are to be followed in the event  of a complaint.  The homes must be licensed and procedures are set up for handling grievances.

The rules and regulations are in place but sometimes they are not followed.  The inspections may not be often enough or poorly done.  Mistakes happen and people get hurt or their rights are denied. 

Bed sores, smells of urine, over use of medication, and the presence of bruises are all signs of possible abuse.


If you suspect that a loved one is not receiving the care that you expect and that is required you should contact and attorney who has experience with these types of cases.