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Do you think that insurance companies will voluntarily pay you all of the money that you are entitled to?  Think again. 

Before you settle your claim, call and talk to an attorney experienced in dealing with injury claims.  There is often no up front payment necessary.  You can get a free office conference and evaluation of your claim without making any commitment.  

It will most likely cost you nothing to ask for the information-It could cost you a lot to step into the fight unarmed.  (Don't think your in for a fight?  Talk to your friends who have been injured-Ask them how willing the insurance company was to even pay all of their medical bills!



The insurance industry claims that they loose millions of dollars because people file false claims.  At the same time, the industry is making millions of dollars. 

The industry also spends millions of dollars to convince the public that most people who are in an accident aren't injured as badly as they claim.    People are required by law to buy the products that the insurance companies sell.  they don't have to convince you that you need auto insurance- The adversing is to convince you that they will be fair and if you hire and attorney rather than accept what they offer, you must be trying to get more than you deserve.  Do you really think that the insurance company is "ON YOUR SIDE" or that "YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS."  Maybe their claim that they are "LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR" will convince you that they will be there looking out for your best interests if you are the person who was injured and they are legally required to pay for all of your damages. 

Insurance Companies hire esperienced attorneys.  Do you think you can represent yourself?