Find Registered Sex Offenders

Ohio and most other states have adopted laws that require that sexual predators and sex offenders register with local law enforcement authorities when they move into a neighborhood. 

The Ohio Attorney General's office maintains a list of convicted sex offenders.  The list can be searched by County and by local address in that County.  Click HERE to go to the site and begin your search for the location of registered offenders in your community. 

The laws regarding registration of predators are not going to protect your family members without diligence on the part of parents, teachers, and others given the task of "standing guard" over our children.  But the registration does give you the opportunity to make choices when you are moving to a new location. 

Check out the site.  Check your address and the address of family members.  You will be surprised by what you find. 

The Ohio Attorney General's site also give you a link to download the "SHAQ SHIELD" app from the itunes store!  Its free!