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So some people are telling whoever will listen that they are going to move to another country if Donald Trump wins the election.  They just won't be able to live in a country where someone who uses such vulgarity is the president!  Not only does he use vulgar language, he emabarrases women by some of his comments on how they look-and he has even kissed and/or hugged some women without first getting their permission.  These people are apparently OK with Bill Clinton's treatment of women, and with Hilary's defense of his actions.  

Some people say they are going to leave the country if Hilary Clinton wins the election.  She has lied to the Congress and to the people about her emails and about things that happened in Ben Gazi.  She (her foundation) has worked with Russians and accepted money from people who received access to her in her position as secretary of state and subsequently did business with the US.  

If you don't like Donald Trump, vote for Hilary Clinton.  If you don't like Hilary, vote for Donald.  If you don't like either one of them?  well-there is another choice-or 2.  

If you have been thinking of moving to Canada or some other destination because you just can't live with whoever the people of this country choose for president, NOW IS THE TIME TO GO!

Seriously!  If you are leaving, DO IT NOW-GO!  Don't wait until after the election.  You are not going to live in the United States?  So don't cast your vote and then skip town!  

If you do vote and then decide to leave?  Well, its kind of like the spoiled kid on the block who decides he will take his ball and go home because he didn't get to be the pitcher.  Really!  I get it if you don't want to live in the United States. Just go.  Canada or anywhere else.  If you are going to participate in the vote-then be part of the system!

If you want to go to Canada there are a few sites out there that provide information on how to leave-this one is pretty detailed:  Wikehow-moving to Canada  

So stop "threatening" and just do it-NOW!





Cleveland Ohio

The prediction for Saturday APRIL 9th!! is for 3-5 inches of snow (more in the snow belt!) with temperatures remaining in the 20s.  Seems like all of our efforts to reduce the carbon output has worked! 

Let's call it a victory and fire up the coal power plants.  Get out your gas guzzling SUVs and help warm things up.  I am expecting a news report that we are heading into a mini ice age!

All kidding aside, this report from NASA is interesting reading!

"NASA researchers at GISS accomplished a first ever feat by calculating the temperature impact of each of these variables—greenhouse gases, natural and manmade aerosols, ozone concentrations, and land use changes—based on historical observations from 1850 to 2005 using a massive ensemble of computer simulations.

The spokesman said: “Analysis of the results showed that these climate drivers do not necessarily behave like carbon dioxide, which is uniformly spread throughout the globe and produces a consistent temperature response; rather, each climate driver has a particular set of conditions that affects the temperature response of Earth.

“Because earlier studies do not account for what amounts to a net cooling effect for parts of the northern hemisphere, predictions for TCR and ECS have been lower than they should be.

“This means that Earth’s climate sensitivity to carbon dioxide—or atmospheric carbon dioxide’s capacity to affect temperature change—has been underestimated, according to the study.”

This site has some interesting information on the coming "Ice Age" predictions. 


So, who really knows?  I wonder who stands to gain the most financially from global acceptance global warming?  Who is making money from the effort needed to reduce green house gases? If we slow the warming, will we really be moving us faster toward a major cool down?  Will the gas and oil producers benefit because we will need more fuel to keep us warm?  

This debate appears to be far from over!




There is lead in the drinking water in Flint Michigan!  The source?  The pipes that carry the water to the homes and businesses.  The consequences are disastrous!  Irreversible brain damage (especially to children.  

This isn't news for everyone.  Some people, including some government officials have known about the problem for many months-even years.  

So...the Governor and other public figures in Michigan have decided to do all that can be done to protect the children of the City of Flint from further harm.  Right?  WRONG!

We are now learning that this problem is not unique to Flint or even to Michigan.  Testing reveals dangerous-no DISASTROUS! levels of lead in the drinking water of major cities accross the country.  Disastrous because that damage that has been caused and is continuing daily cannot be undone.  

So...since this is a problem with disastrous consequences to thousands or even millions of people, the President has used his executive powers to take action and the Congress has authorized funding to remedy this national crisis. Right?  WRONG AGAIN!  

This is a monumental problem.  How expensive is it going to be to GET THE LEAD OUT!  Testing to determine where the problems are and then running new lines OR somehow sealing the old lines to stop the lead!  Expoensive?  Yes!  

We bailed out the savings and loans a few years back.  We bailed out the banks and wall street!  We provide Billions of dollars in aid to other countries-even some who seek to distroy the U.S. now it is time.






Is the Internet for sale to the highest bidder?

The FCC is tasked with creating new rules to protect the internet.  There seems to be major disagreement about what protection the internet needs and who or what it needs to be protected from. 



"is legalized use of Marijuana coming to a State near you?"


According to CNN, the justice department has announced that it will not seek to enforce federal laws against marijuana use in states that have passed laws making personal use legal. 

Marijuana still remains illegal under the federal controlled substance act but a department memo to federal prosecutors sets new guidelines setting 8 enforcement priorities which include preventing distribution to minors, preventing drugged driving, stopping drug trafficking by gangs and cartels, and forbidding the cultivation of marijuana on public lands. 

This is good news, especially for clinics that sell medical MJ.  It appears likely that they may be able to put there money in banks without the banks being concerned about federal money laundering charges!




SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) issues two opinions that impact the definition of Marriage and the rights of same sex couples to federal benefits.   Read CNN's report below.

CNN reports

Oil and Gas leases, Fracking, Hydraulic Fracturing

Get in on the Money





According to CNN, The BIG DIG by the FBI in a field near Detroit was another dead end.   

Reputed mobster, Tony Zerilli, gave the FBI the latest Tip indicating that Jimmy Hoffa was buried alive and covered with a concrete slab in a Michigan farm field.  CNN reports that according to the FBI, nothing was found.  CNN Reports



Not quite! The goal is through the crust to the earth's mantle! Check it out here!






-Is he a hero, a traitor, whistleblower? 

Some want to put him in jail and some want to put the people from NSA in jail!

The idea of tracking calls to see if there are any terrorists out there at first sounds reasonable.  But what are we really saying?  If we are "OK" with the current administration having that kind of power, what if the administration decides it does not like what the news is reporting?  Reporters historically have been able to assure their sources of that their identity would be protected.  What are they telling them today? 




"Star Trek" Medical Scanner here today!

Biozoom, Inc. (BIZM) – has developed a real-life tricorder: the Biozoom Biofeedback Scanner.

The company claims that you’ll be able to monitor your blood chemistry at home – in seconds – without having your blood drawn through a needle at a diagnostic lab, and then waiting 3 to 5 days for the results. Or paying a big lab bill for the test.

The Biozoom Scanner uses a beam of light to detect and measure antioxidant levels … vitamins … oxidative stress … and cyotochrom oxidase, a critical enzyme that aids in the production of energy in your cells.

The noninvasive optical scanner also measures VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use in one minute per kilogram of body weight – an indicator of your body’s endurance for physical activity.

Planned upgrades to the Biozoom device will enable measurement of blood alcohol, cholesterol, drugs, chronic venous insufficiency, blood pressure, smoke poisoning, and oxygen saturation HbO2.

The company expects that upgrades being developed will allow the scanner to be calibrated to measure blood sugar levels – an essential daily test for diabetics that currently requires a pin-prick with a sharp needle.

Want to get in on the Natural Gas Boom?  New technology might mean that the inactive well on your land can be productive again!  For more information click HERE.






How do you feel about drones flying around your town?  Uncle Sam spying on you?  Cops with armed drones hunting down illegal immigrants or hidden marijuana fields?

We hear about drones being used by the military to hunt down and kill terrorists but the future of "drones" is really use for civilian tasks.

What is a drone?  It is really an unmanned remote controlled flying machine.  They come in many sizes and shapes and most do not carry weapons. 

Two U.S. Companies are already hard at work on plans to have networks of "unmanned aerial vehicles" capable of a variety of tasks.


See the CNN release about Pizza delivery! is the website for Matternet Inc. based in Palo Alto California. is the website for ARIA (Autonomous, Roadless, Intelligent Array)

Both of these operation have been developed with assistance from Singularity.




WASHINGTON STATE:  THE STATE UNVEILS ITS Planned Rules for implementation of New recreational Pot Law

With the passage of I-502 in the 2012 Washington State election, marijuana became legal in Washington—not just for medical use, but also for recreational use. But what exactly does this mean? Weed is still illegal as far as the United States government is concerned, but Washington and Colorado both have yet to figure out how that will work.

A complete copy of the first draft of proposed rules issued by the Washington State Liquor control board can be found below:  (Liquor control board?  maybe its time for a new name!)n

Washington and Colorado both passed laws allowing for some form of recreational use of Marijuana.  Use of pot is still a federal crime and it remains to be seen how the feds will react to widespread use. 

Closer to Ohio-Michigan has passed and is implementing a medical marijuana use law that is similar to those passed in other states.




The surprising update on the search for Jimmy Hoffa?  After digging under a shed in a Detroit suburb, Police found no evidence of Human remains!  See CNN's report on the results of the "big dig" click HERE

So-what about those suggestions on where to look next? 



Not quite!  The goal is through the crust to the earth's mantle!  Check it out here!



PENN STATE / JERRY SANDUSKY - Names forever linked?

Penn State Officials - Who knew about Sandusky and what did they do about it?

CNN's report on the statement by Former FBI director Louis Freeh following the release of his investigation into child molestation charges against former Penn State Football coach Sandusky.  What did Paterno know?  Actions by the school officers (or failure to act) emboldened Sandusky.  What about Paterno?


H.R. 4369. This bill has been dubbed the "Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency (FACT) Act." 

It is being presented as having the purpose of providing better accountability for injury claims based on exposure to asbestos. The bill, which is winning praise from the insurance industry, would require the bankruptcy asbestos trusts to make quarterly reports about claims to bankruptcy courts. 

The American Association of Justice, whose members have been the champions for the Mesothelioma victims, has examined the bill and has officially taken a position opposing its passage. According to AAJ, the bill is nothing more than a one sided attempt to further injure those who are suffering from Mesothelioma and other asbestos related injuries, by allowing the insurance industry to delay accountability.  The delays will mean that many of the victims will die before they are able to process their claims.  They will die before the insurance companies that fund the asbestos trusts have to pay on the claims. 

H.R.4369.  The bill itself is transparent-you can see right through it! The language sounds noble. But it is easy to see how the bill can cause long delays in completing the paperwork needed to finalize the claims.  Delays in processing mean delays in getting the help that is desperately needed for the victims and their families. Mesothelioma disables and kills quickly. Delays will mean many more people will die before their claim is granted.

Decide for yourself. Click Here to read the full text of H.R. 4369. 




32,885 people died on the highways in 2010.  That amounts to one death every 16 minutes.  One person dead every 16 minutes and a lot more injured. 

Safety improvements such as airbags along with mandatory seatbelt use laws and stricter enforcement of DUI laws have helped.  The number of deaths in 2010 was 2.9% below 2009's numbers and the lowest level since record keeping began in 1949!

Looking for a new car? 

Choose from the list of Top Safety Picks put out by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) A record number of models qualified to be on the list for the second year. 

Use common sense when reading the list-A top rated subcompact may be no more safe then a lower rated full size car-the laws of physics still apply and a larger, heavier vehicle offers greater crash protection. 

Contrary to what the insurance companies want you to believe, a lot of people are seriously injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents.  Some of the deaths are a result of negligence or a design defect.  If there was negligence involved, there may be a wrongful death claim.  If you or a family member have been seriously injured you can get free information on how to protect your rights - before you negotiate with the Insurance company-and before you hire an attorney.  In many cases, you will not need an attorney.  There are times when you may be better off handling the claim yourself.  My book can help you decide. 




On 2/21/12 Governor Kasich of Ohio signed a bill that allows dogs showing behavioral problems to be placed in one of three categories:


NUISANCE: One that has chased or attempted to bite a person while off its premises.

DANGEROUS: One that has caused injury to a person, or killed another dog, without provocation.

VICIOUS:  One that has killed or seriously injured a person without provocation.

The bill is to go into effect in 90 days.

Under the Current Law (§ 955.11 of the Ohio Revised Code) a dog that "belongs to a breed that is commonly known as a pit bull" is automatically classified as a vicious dog.

The New Law classifies dogs according to their individual behavior rather than by breed.;  (I know that the dog above is not a Pitbull-the point is-it is the dog, not the breed that needs to be properly cared for! )

The fact that the law has changed does not alter the rights of some one who is attacked by a dog-whether the dog is classified as vicious or not.