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Are your baby's problems a result of medical mal-practice or negligence?

Your pregnancy was normal.  You had all of the tests and did everything that the doctor recommended.  Your baby is born with cerebral palsy, or a broken shoulder, or there are complications and your baby is not healthy.  You need answers.  The doctor gives you the statistics.  It just happens.  1 baby out of a thousand and yours just happens to be the one!  

You do not have to accept that answer!  You have a right to have the records and procedures reviewed by an independent doctor to find out if your baby's condition was caused by a mistake in care or treatment.  Thousands of babies are born with injuries that are the result of mistakes during delivery.  It could be a mistake by the doctor or by one of the hospital staff.  In any event, you and your child may be entitled to compensation to help meet the cost of caring for a handicapped child and to pay for the pain and suffering that may be associated with the injury. 

An  attorney who handles medical mal practice cases will review your case for free and have your medical records reviewed.  If you have a case, they will discuss it with you and if you decide to go forward, there is no out of pocket cost to you.  The attorney gets paid a percentage of what is recovered from the person who made the mistake. 

There are very strict time limits for bringing a medical mal practice cases.  If you experienced unexpected complications or your baby was born with an injury, contact an attorney today!  Your meeting will be confidential.  No-one, not even your doctor, will know that you have met with an attorney unless you give the OK.