What Damages am I Entitled to for a Serious injury from a car accident or an accident at work? 

What damages are you entitled to?

Serious injuries due to someone's negligence?  You have a right to money if you suffered any of the following: 

Lost Wages

Medical bills (current and future)

Pain and Suffering

Temporary or permanent disability

Temporary or permanent loss of ability to earn a living


Amputation of fingers, arms, legs etc.

Property damage (diminished value of your car plus the cost of repair or replacement)

If your spouse or child was injured, you may be entitled to money because of their injury. If you are innjured then your spouse is entitled to be paid damages also.  The accident was not your fault and you the person responsible should want to make you whole.

There are severe consequences for not filing your claim within the time allowed by the law.  An attorney can tell you how much time you have and if it is already too late to present a claim. 

Contact an attorney for free-today!  Don't loose your right to make a claim.