Serious injuries from a car accident or an accident at work? 



How much is your claim worth?  The easy answer is whatever the insurance company is willing to pay.  If you rely on the claims agent you may be getting cheated out of the money that you are entitled to.

The insurance company will evaluate your claim, for settlement purposes, on the basis of the amount and type of damage to the vehicles, the type if injury and the medical treatment they feel is required, and the extent and duration of any disability caused by the injury. 

If you have treated with an MD, the treatment and the cost of such treatment will usually be considered.  If insurance company has paid your medical bills, the wrongdoer's insurance company will only pay what your insurance company actually paid and that may be substantially less than what the doctor or ER considers full costs. 


Before you settle your claim, call and talk to an attorney experienced in dealing with injury claims.  There is usually no charge to talk to an injury lawyer.  You can get a free office conference and evaluation of your claim without making any commitment.  There is no risk or cost to you and the fact that you even talked to an attorney is confidential.


Have you negotiated with the insurance company and are wondering if the company's offer is fair?  Get an opinion from an attorney at no cost to you! 

It costs you nothing to ask for the information-It could cost you a lot to step into the fight unarmed.  (Don't think your in for a fight?  Talk to your friends who have been injured-Ask them how willing the insurance company was to even pay all of their medical bills!