Traumatic Brain Injury

Myths And Facts

Traumatic brain injury can be the most devastating consequence of a motor vehicle crash, a sports injury, an assault or a fall. Brain injury survivors face years of intensive and costly rehabilitation. Many will require therapy and support for the rest of their lives. The toll on families is enormous.

Amazingly, insurance adjusters, judges and juries regularly deny head-injured people the compensation they need to rebuild their shattered lives! Athletes and car crash victim with serious concussions are not taken seriously. " He got his bell rung ". "She saw stars ". "It's just a minor concussion. " Serious brain injuries are sometimes belittled and ignored.

The vast majority of brain injuries are initially diagnosed as mild. Until recently most doctors, personal injury lawyers and crash victims knew very little about the long-term consequences of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI). Subtle but permanent changes in intellect, cognition, emotion, memory, concentration and personality were blamed on everything but the MTBI which initiated the changes


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