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So some people are telling whoever will listen that they are going to move to another country if Donald Trump wins the election.  They just won't be able to live in a country where someone who uses such vulgarity is the president!  Not only does he use vulgar language, he emabarrases women by some of his comments on how they look-and he has even kissed and/or hugged some women without first getting their permission.  These people are apparently OK with Bill Clinton's treatment of women, and with Hilary's defense of his actions.  

Some people say they are going to leave the country if Hilary Clinton wins the election.  She has lied to the Congress and to the people about her emails and about things that happened in Ben Gazi.  She (her foundation) has worked with Russians and accepted money from people who received access to her in her position as secretary of state and subsequently did business with the US.  

If you don't like Donald Trump, vote for Hilary Clinton.  If you don't like Hilary, vote for Donald.  If you don't like either one of them?  well-there is another choice-or 2.  

If you have been thinking of moving to Canada or some other destination because you just can't live with whoever the people of this country choose for president, NOW IS THE TIME TO GO!

Seriously!  If you are leaving, DO IT NOW-GO!  Don't wait until after the election.  You are not going to live in the United States?  So don't cast your vote and then skip town!  

If you do vote and then decide to leave?  Well, its kind of like the spoiled kid on the block who decides he will take his ball and go home because he didn't get to be the pitcher.  Really!  I get it if you don't want to live in the United States. Just go.  Canada or anywhere else.  If you are going to participate in the vote-then be part of the system!

If you want to go to Canada there are a few sites out there that provide information on how to leave-this one is pretty detailed:  Wikehow-moving to Canada  

So stop "threatening" and just do it-NOW!